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Terms and Conditions for Vendors

The Rymklets Republiek platform is provided by Rymklets Republiek. Your use of the Service is subject to Standard Terms and Conditions as well as our vendor terms and conditions listed below for the Rymklets Republiek platform, please read these carefully before you proceed to create an account and vendor page.

Basic Rules.

When you upload your original music through the Rymklets Republiek platform, you are giving us your legally-binding word that you have all the necessary rights required for distribution (sale) and performance (streaming) of that content, for both the sound recording and the underlying song. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all necessary rights before uploading any track or album to your Rymklets Republiek account. Please carefully review the Rymklets Republiek Terms of Service and think carefully about the rights that you grant Rymklets Republiek under those terms–do you have all the rights you need to use, upload and sell your music? If you have any doubt whatsoever as to whether you have the proper rights in a particular track, please do not upload it. Please note that we cannot provide you with legal advice and that you should consult an attorney for specific advice.

Note that in cases where Rymklets Republiek is made aware of a potential problem, Rymklets Republiek might ask you to re-confirm your rights to use the content in question and/or to provide documentation as evidence of those rights. If you are unable to provide documentation that verifies your rights, we may not allow that content to be published. Using third-party content without authorization can carry significant penalties, including (but not limited to) loss of your Rymklets Republiek account as well as civil and criminal penalties for copyright infringement should a copyright owner decide to pursue action against you.

All content you submit through the Rymklets Republiek platform–including your artist biography and all artist images and album art–must be entirely original, unless you have authorization to use it and publish it on your Rymklets Republiek shop page.


Cover songs.

**Important Note** Please note that we do not allow the sale of so-called cover songs (recordings of other composers’ music) via the Rymklets Republiek platform at this time, the music that you upload to the Rymklets Republiek platform must consist solely of your own, original compositions.


Singles and full albums.

Any music that you sell on Rymklets Republiek must have all rights cleared before submitting to Rymklets Republiek.


All artist photos must be original and you must own or control both the copyright to the images as well as the right of publicity to the person(s) depicted in the images. Keep in mind that photos of artists can be created by record labels, fans, news organizations, and everyone in between and the creator will have some rights in the photo, so be sure you have all necessary rights before uploading the photos to Rymklets Republiek.


Artist Introduction.

All artist introductions must be original and you must own or control copyright to the text that you upload for use on your vendor page. Artist introductions must be relevant to the Rymklets Republiek vebdir page being described, and must actually describe the artist / label in question in some way.

An artist introduction should give customers an idea of the artist’s history and sound.

Please don’t:

  • Engage in hate speech.
  • See this as a platform for your political views.
  • Be hyberbolic. Users will take you more seriously if you seem even-handed.



Rymklets Republiek recognizes the importance of trademarks. The Rymklets Republiek Terms of Service prohibit infringement of intellectual property by Rymklets Republiek users.

Rymklets Republiek users are responsible for the content they provide through the Rymklets Republiek platform, and we encourage trademark owners to contact Rymklets Republiek users directly regarding any trademark disputes. Additionally, as a courtesy to trademark owners, we will investigate the use of your trademark in Rymklets Republiek by Rymklets Republiek users upon receipt of a valid trademark complaint. To expedite processing of complaints, Rymklets Republiek will require information from the complainant regarding the mark, the jurisdictions, and the goods and services for which the complainant claims trademark rights.



In order to create and own a vendor page, you must have the full legal right and authority to administer the applicable artist’s name, image and likeness; and by creating a Rymklets Republiek vendor page, you are representing and warranting to Rymklets Republiek that you have these rights.

Artists have the full legal right and authority to control the specific aspects of their name, image and likeness including how those elements are used on and in connection with Rymklets Republiek shop pages. Some Artists may assign these rights to another person or a company or other legal entity to administer on their behalf by entering into a legal contract. Therefore in order to create a vendor page, you must either be the artist or have the full legal right and authority to administer these rights.


Right of Publicity.

Each individual has the right to control the use of his or her name, image, likeness or other aspects of one’s identity in a commercial manner. Keep in mind that this right is different from copyright or trademark rights.

For the purpose of the Rymklets Republiek platform, you should think about whether you have the right to use the artist name, the artist likeness (in your artist photo or album image), or information about the artist in the artist introduction text.

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