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Linkris – Hustlah feat. Early B (Prod. Stuwi W)

Linkris – Hustlah feat. Early B (Prod. Stuwi W)

Linkris, Early B

The two emcees who are constantly pushing the boundaries and undoubtedly flying the flag for Afrikaans Hip hop in Southern Africa has decided to collaborate. This song speaks about hustle, hard work and finding loop holes to make things work for yourself. Both Linkris and Early B are artists who have created lanes for themselves in the South African Hip hop market. There’s certainly much that can be learned by watching these two artists work. While each of them have their own respective rap styles when they do solo songs, on Hustlah they have created a lyrical harmony which gels perfectly with the instrumental.

Enjoy and please share.


Bly op datum met alles wat rymklets mal is! Nuwe musiek & nuus! Kom nou waarvoor wag jy?!

Ons deel inligting met niemand nie.