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Linkris & HemelBesem – Wat Het jy Dan Ge-Check?

Linkris & HemelBesem – Wat Het jy Dan Ge-Check?


Published on: 27/06/2016

The Afrikaans Hip hop artist Linkris, is progressively starting to capture more and more listeners in his web of punchlines and commanding beats. Although the original ‘boom bap’ sound has become less prominent, Linkris maintains with the style, and so much more comes through when you hear him on a song. He speaks on behalf of a group of people. You can hear the pain and humour, but also the danger and the lessons he learned from the streets … With his new track “Wat het Djy dan gecheck?” he once again does not disappoint. This time he deviates slightly from the bare punchline rhymes and social commentary and focusses on sketching scenes with his lyrics.

The honoured Afrikaans Hip hop artist and pioneer HemelBesem, shares some of his own personal battles in this new release. We have not heard Hemelbesem in this way for a long time. It’s that “Evil is Maklik” rhymes coming through; and if you knew his work from those days, you will appreciate the verse he delivers here.

Lance Luger is responsible for the music that does enough to highlight the stories of both Linkris and Hemelbesem thus carrying listeners as they pin their ears back. This is the third single/leak from his forthcoming album “Bloed is dikker as water”. If these singles are the breadcrumbs off the album, then we are more than sure that this crumb trail will lead us to a feast of good Hip hop music!


Bly op datum met alles wat rymklets mal is! Nuwe musiek & nuus! Kom nou waarvoor wag jy?!

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