Cape Verse MixTape Vol. 01 gives you :

Pure Hip - Hop from Cape Verse, something for everyone.

Dynamic, Hardcore and Diverse content for all listeners.

Artists Includes:

Franklin$tein, Heinie-G, L.G.B, Juice, ShaanDaKulid, Jaki$ Obama, Freak G-O-D, Skeptick-ill, Breedy-E & Outlaw.

Attached Files:

01. Als Is Tight.mp3Download 
02. help-jouself.mp3Download 
03. Jewels.mp3Download 
04. Hardcore.mp3Download 
05. OkThough.mp3Download 
06. Still stand.mp3Download 
07. Tyd.mp3Download 
08. Salla Man.mp3Download 
09. Oubrah.mp3Download 
10. Letter - Greep.mp3Download 
11. Wanna Wait Invein.mp3Download 
12. Siek en Sat.mp3Download 
13. the top.mp3Download 

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