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Words, Sound & Power

Words, Sound & Power is a up and coming EP between poet Carol-Lynn Ford & producer John Robinson. From the initial released content it’s clear that this will be a truely inspirational experience!

14 December 2014 News Read more

Black & Blue

“Black & Blue” is an Rnb ballad by Capetonian singer, Ashleigh Davids. A first for the tenacious independent artist, the debut single sparks a crossover from a two year period of live performance to the world of studio recording. Painting vivid pictures with her gripping songwriting, partly aided by her background as a spoken word poet – Ashleigh captures a victor’s journey to letting go in a span of four minutes. Accompanied by cinematic music production carefully composed and produced by Jeremy Koeries of Exilic Music, Black & Blue taps into the nostalgia of the nineties with the help of dramatic background vocals and a soulful approach to pop.

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Ons Rymklets Kultuur, Ons verantwoordelikheid

Aweh allie Hip Hop koppe en Rymklets Republiek Burgers!

10 October 2014 News Read more

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Bly op datum met alles wat rymklets mal is! Nuwe musiek & nuus! Kom nou waarvoor wag jy?!

Ons deel inligting met niemand nie.