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Black Noise: New Single, 27th Anniverary & Performance & Hip Hop Party

Black Noise: New Single, 27th Anniverary & Performance & Hip Hop Party
Black Noise, South Africa’s oldest Hip Hop Group and Pioneers will celebrate their 27th Anniversary with a release of a new single called “Heartbeat”, signed and released by Native Rhythms Records.(Label Press Release Below)
Black Noise started as Break-dancers in 1982 with the groups like Pop Glide Crew, Supreme Team, Ballistic Rock & Jam Rock Crew. It is because of this strong dance background that Black Noise Anniversaries have Hip Hop dance battles, performances, old school throw-downs, talks and workshops. This year Emile YX?, who just released his 6th solo CD and won an Honorary Award at South African Hip Hop Awards , will host a talk about self sustainability as an artist in Cape Town, South Africa at 4pm. Dance battle start after that and event runs till midnight, with Black Noise performing their new single.
Entrance is merely R50 for the day, Hip Hop Products and Food will also be on sale at the venue. It is also possible to braai, so bring your own wood, first come first serve on this.


Black Noise has vowed to occupy a prominent space in the forever-growing hip-hop scene. Recently signed to Native Rhythms Records (a label that has become synonymous with breaking acts), the group is preparing to release what could be a seminal EP in 2015.

This week, Black Noise releases Heartbeat, aka “Clap” with Emile YX singing in Khoekhoegowab (Nama) and is one of the songs that will see the group mixing hip-hop with local sounds such as Klopse or Goema, Khoi and San indigenous sounds and chants, as well gumboot and dance rhythms.

Explaining the future direction and sound of Black Noise, Emile Lester Jansen, aka Emile YX says: “with this single,   Heartbeat, we want to mess with peoples perception of race, tribalism and mix things up in our music. Last year the group had a successful tour of United States of America and performed at The Kennedy Centre in Washington DC and at Trinity, University in Connecticut and the response to our sound and performance was tremendous.

Written by Emile Jansen & Jean-Pierre Frolick and a beat by Ebrahim Mallum, and sung by Nicky Samuels,  the single is a true reflection of the character of South Africa diverse native sounds.

Black Noise is a hip-hop crew hailing from the Cape Flats in Cape Town, and one of oldest active hip-hop crew along with Prophets of da City (POC).  Black Noise is credited with being the pioneer of Cape Town’s ‘conscious’ hip-hop scene in the late 80s and early 90s.

Through Native Rhythms Records, Black Noise will also release an EP of five (5) tracks in the first quarter of 2015 and will be available on iTunes and other digital platforms.

3 February 2015 News ,

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Bly op datum met alles wat rymklets mal is! Nuwe musiek & nuus! Kom nou waarvoor wag jy?!

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